15 Most Popular Foods You Should Try In Japan (part 1)


You may have already known that Japan has a unique and wonderful cuisine, however, almost whenever thinking about Japanese food, what comes automatically to our minds is rice and fish. This post will give you a different view of the Japanese food culture and show you what to order at the restaurants in Japan.

  1. Sushi & Sashimi

Let’s start with the food item which most of us associates with Japan: Sushi and Sashimi. Japanese sushi, well-known all over the world, is unique in its creation because its rice is seasoned with a rice vinegar mix (with salt and sugar), then mixed with different ingredients like vegetables, seafood, nori (seaweed),… You can use the chopsticks to grab a piece of sushi and dip it into soy sauce and/or wasabi (a spicy Japanese condiment). It is truly a flavors mixture in your mouth! Depending on the ingredients and the shape which are used, Japanese sushi can be called different names: Maki sushi, Nigiri sushi, Temaki sushi, Oshi sushi, etc.

Basically, sashimi is raw fish or other seafood served with wasabi and soy sauce. It generally comes with the slices of radish on the side. Its name sashimi comes from the tale of the fish it used to identify which kind of fish you are eating. Sashimi in kanji is written like this: 刺身 . The first one means the spine and the second one means the body.

Here’s a time-saver:

If you are having the plan of visiting Japan and want to be sure that you have the best food experience in this country, you should check out the sushi tours that Triplelights offers – some of which are truly unique, such as participating in sushi workshops at Tsukiji Fish Market, learning how to make sushi in the suburbs, or making a trip to the Shimizu Sushi Museum. Send a message to any local guide in Japan if having questions on receiving a customized itinerary and quotation to plan for an excellent food experience.

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