15 Most Popular Foods You Should Try In Japan (part 4)


  1. Udon

Udon, a thick noodle that is made from wheat flour, is commonly served in a consomme with mirin and soy sauce. It usually comes with onion (negi). The shape and size of udon depend on the prefecture where it comes from. It can be eaten either hot or cold. Udon and Soba are very popular in Japan. They are common dishes for students and black-coated workers for lunchtime when they need to eat something fast. Udon shops can be found everywhere in Japan and are always crowded.

  1. Soba

Soba is a kind of noodle which is made by buckwheat flour giving it the color. It is also known as a popular fast food in Japan. While Udon noodles are thick, Soba noodles are thin and they can be eaten either hot or cold, too. There are shops in Japan which only cook Soba, perhaps with some simple dish like tempura. You can buy fresh noodles to cook at home from the supermarkets. Soba noodles can be eaten with a simple mentsuyu sauce for easier preparation.

  1. Gyudon

Basically, gyudon is a bowl of rice with beef seasoned with different spices and ingredients on the top. The most famous place to eat gyudon in Japan is Sukiya. It is a simple, inexpensive, but very delicious dish. You can order a Gyudon in a set coming with miso soup and a small salad. An important tip is that the service is very fast! It will be prepared and brought to you in less than five minutes. You can choose small, medium, or large-sized gyudon so that it is suitable for you and your meal. Gyudon is a perfect option for a quick lunch period.

  1. Japanese sweets

In Japan, tea is not served on its own at the Tea Houses and commonly accompanied by decadent sweets. The most popular Japanese sweets are made with beans or matcha for sometimes. Japanese sweets are considered art due to their relationship between taste, color, and shape.



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