An overview of Japanese food (part 2)


Fish is said to be an integral part of the diet of Japanese. Whether it’s eaten live (odorigui), raw (nama or sashimi), deep fried (tempura), or grilled (yaki), Japanese people seem to have tried and tested all possible methods of preparation.

If you’re a fish lover, you really should take a trip to Tsukiji Fish Market (the largest fish and seafood market in the world). You can enjoy an early morning breakfast with the world’s freshest sushi here. But if you don’t like a fish breakfast, there are many conveyor-belt sushi restaurants all over Japan.

Meat & other foodstuffs

Although fish is the most popular and favored food in Japan, the food offering of Japanese extends to various foodstuffs. Japan has a huge number of fruit and vegetables. This country is also a host of noodle dishes and the best patisseries outside of France.

Kobe with the wonderful cafes is the place suitable for those with a sweet tooth. Kobe beef, produced from cows which are raised according to strict tradition, is a delicacy renowned worldwide. This kind of beef provides a wonderful flavor melting in your mouth. Be prepared to enjoy a genuine Kobe beef steak at a good restaurant!


There are plenty of vegetarians in Japan. Try tasting the wonderful zaru soba (cold noodles served with a dipping sauce), udon (thicker noodles), tofu steak or okonomiyaki. If you are adventurous, you should try natto – a smelly concoction made of fermented soya beans.

Eating out

Many Japanese restaurants focus on one particular food type and there are countless different restaurants styles in Japan, including the kaiten-zushi restaurants which have gained more and more popularity in the west.

If you want a general selection, the best place is an izakaya (Japanese pub) which offers a pretty cheap and extensive choice of food and drink.

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