Cosmetics inspired by the art of sword forging Katana

Inspired by the Japanese artist’s dedication to creating the sophisticated katana sword, the cosmetic label Menard invented the Authent skin care line.

Katana sword forging is considered a beauty in traditional Japanese culture. Katana sword is not only a long, sweet blade, but also shows the mettle of Samurai.

The steel blade – the most important and hard part of the sword – was elaborately crafted with nie and nioi particles. The carved nie seeds look like the stars, symbolizing a mighty spirit. Meanwhile, the nioi particles that cannot be seen with the naked eye ripple out a thin, galaxy-like mist on a starry night, symbolizing nobility and nobility.

Forging a katana complete with steel blue water like the autumn sky is not an easy step, but requires concentration and meticulous attention. The swordsmiths have to exchange so much enthusiasm, sweat, and tears; rather than giving love to the sword that will stand by you in the process of fighting. Each katana is a true work of art, crystallized from the effort, love and talent of the swordsmith.

Inspired by the crafting of the katana sword, Menard cosmetics comes out with the Authent skin lotion. It helps to solve skin problems and helps to slow down the aging process.

According to representatives of Menard, the company created Authent not only to serve the needs of pure beauty, but also to aim at many spiritual values ​​for women. Inspired by the katana, Authent emphasizes building beauty in the soul.

The Menard team is dedicated to maintaining the Takumi and Magokoro tradition. Takumi is a testament to the beauty of an artist who is infatuated with artistry. But if the artist does not have a burning Magokoro heart, passionately loves the world, people and passion, the products they create are not true art.

“Authent is a testament to an age-old art that is born to beautify people and create an elegant and happy life. It is a cord that extends the quintessence from the past with the ability to nourish skin from stem cells. Products are created from dedicated artisans who always aspire to sow the seeds of hope for the future”, said representatives of Menard.

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