Does Japanese ninja still exist?

Ninja is a famous figure in Japanese cultural history. They are the owners of the pinnacle techniques of martial arts, masters in assassination, poison preparation and hiding in the dark. Ninja is a unique cultural character that anyone interested in Japan has the heart to ignore. Especially when you travel to Mie Prefecture, Japan.

The ninja, also known as Jonin – was born in the years 600 – 900 AD, around the time of the birth of the Samurai. The Ninja school was co-founded by a Samurai who failed in a territorial struggle – Dasuke Togakura – and a Chinese practitioner named Kain Doshi. They met in the southwest mountainous region of Honshu Island, created Ninjutsu theory together and gave birth to Togakurergu- school where the first generations of Ninja were trained.


Ninja is divided into three ranks Jonin, Chunin and Genin. Each rank will learn about how to use different weapons, which also means that at each level, the Ninja must be proficient in using certain weapons such as Shuko (Iron fist to climb walls), Shinobigatana (Sword of moderate length), Tessen (a hand-held fan of pointed iron metal), Shuriken (Star-shaped dart) and make the most of body skills.

Actually, today Japan still exists the last two ninjas:

• Mr. Jinichi Kawakami – the last descendant to possess the skills of the Ban Clan Shinobi. “In the Edo period, ninjas were highly respected. They could spy, assassinate or make drugs,” Kawakami said. “But right now, we have guns, the Internet, and many better drugs, so ninjutsu art has no place in this world”, so he chose a mechanical profession to cover all the costs of birth. daily activities. 

• Next is 80-year-old Masaaki Hatsumi, who says he is the leader of Togakure, another ninja family that still exists. He is the founder of an international martial art called Bujincan.

While still alive, and possessing secrets of martial arts, these two Ninjutsu have no intention of choosing an heir to pass on these martial arts secrets, also because of the presence of Ninja or assassination weapons. ancient times were no longer suitable for modern life. No longer having master-samurai relationships, and mercenaries-Ninjutsu, ninjas are no longer the dark assassins of the day. they return to their daily lives. Everyone has to earn money to live, and today Ninja too, they also need to live and live like normal people to stand in the modern world – the age of the digital world and the technology is changed.

But they are still guests and martial arts advisers, teaching the techniques that Ninja used at Mie University – Mie Prefecture – Japan . And of course, Ninja is just a normal person, they will live and will quickly return to heaven and earth. Therefore, this martial art will soon be lost, and it will only be mentioned in movies, stories or historical books.

If you have the opportunity, you should travel to Japan to try once to visit Mie province to witness the legendary Ninjutsu and if lucky, can exchange with the last two Ninja of Japan!

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