Facts About Japan You May not Have Known (Part 2)


  1. Cleaning is a part of the education in most schools

Law and Order is a big thing in Japan, and it’s important to learn this since being a child. That’s the reason why many Japanese schools have their students to clean classrooms, toilets, and the school area. This also helps in saving money as the schools won’t need too many cleaners.

  1. Has a penis festival

It is known as Kanamara Matsuri, meaning “the festival for the phallus of steal”. The penis festival is celebrated in the city of Kawasaki on the first Sunday of April. Just about everything, such as vegetables, candy, and decorations all have the shape of the male reproductive organ or other things that are related to fertility.

  1. More than 1500 earthquakes every year

The number varies from year to year, but generally, there are more than 1500 earthquakes a year in Japan. Fortunately, most are smaller shakes, but each year there are bigger earthquakes that reach more than 8 on the Richter scale.

  1. Taking a power nap at work has become more and more common

Japanese people are working more than people in any other country all over the world. Since a couple of recent years, some employers have let their employees take a power nap at work in order to recharge and get more energy. It’s pretty interesting and very common in Japan, and you may constantly see people taking naps on trains.

  1. Fruits are one of the best gifts

Although in general, the fruit is getting cheaper to buy in Japan, the tradition of presenting fruits from the past still lives on. In the past, only a handful of fruits grew naturally in Japan, so it was really expensive to buy fruits.

It’s still expensive when being compared to many other countries, and it’s still regarded as a great gift for someone special.


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