Facts About Japan You May not Have Known (Part 3)

  1. More than 3000 McDonald’s restaurants

The USA is the only country that has more Mcdonald’s restaurants than Japan in the world. In spite of that, it’s very rare to see obese Japanese people when going around the cities.

  1. To slurp up the noodles is considered polite

If you have meal at a noodle restaurant in Japan, don’t be afraid to slurp up the noodles because this is considered polite.

In Japanese culture, slurping up the noodles shows the cook that the food enhances the flavors and you appreciate it.

  1. Many Japanese people have ready-made breakfast or dinner from supermarkets

7 Eleven, Lawson, and Family Mart are the big chains offering convenience stores in Japan. They sell ready-made foods which can be heated in the store. You can buy ready-made sandwiches, sushi rolls, and other kinds of meals or buy noodles and prepare them with hot water in the store.

It isn’t considered weird to eat breakfast or lunch/dinner at a supermarket. Most Japanese people don’t have time to cook at home before going to work. Therefore, it’s so convenient to buy a hot or cold coffee along with a sandwich or onigiri in the morning.

  1. It is forbidden to take a bath in hot springs and onsen with tatoos

Tattoos are considered ugly in Japan not only in terms of look, but they are also associated with gangs and crime. It is considered very rude to enter an onsen or hot springs with tattoos, and the water there is considered dirty.

Fortunately, in the present, many places allow guests to cover their tattoos with a skin-colored band-aid. You will be allowed to take a bath if you can cover all of your tattoos. However, not all onsen are too strict like that as things have been slowly changing since the tourism organization of Japan has been trying to make it easier for foreigners to explore the country.


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