Japan stipulates that casino resorts must have big hotels

The government of Japan has announced standards that it hopes to set for casino resorts which will be built by the mid-2020s – requiring them to have some of the biggest hotels and conference rooms in the country.

The government has revealed that requirements for casino resorts, such as hotels with at least 100,000 square meters for guest rooms, would necessitate huge investments from facility operators and local governments. The country is attempting to compete with regional rivals like Singapore, Macau, and South Korea with the planned casinos.

Using a 50 square meters average-sized Japanese guest room, such a hotel would necessitate up to 2,000 rooms, far exceeding the number of rooms that many of the largest hotels in the country can offer.

Some other requirements include: a conference room that can hold more than 6,000 people or an exhibition hall with at least 120,000 square meters, or a hybrid design that would have both a conference room that holds 3,000 people and a 60,000-square-meter convention room.

The largest conference halls in Japan are in Tokyo and Yokohama, holding around 5,000 people and the largest exhibition floor space is at Tokyo Big Sight, with 95,000 square meters.

Floor space for casinos is set at below 3% of the total resort space and advertising for casinos outside the integrated resort will be limited to airports that provide international flights and terminals at ports.

A Kyodo News survey, which covers all 47 prefectures and 20 major cities eligible to host the newly legalized resorts, has found that only three areas of those plan to apply for the screening of the government.

It is estimated that a casino resort could cost more than 10 billion dollars to build but would have a significant economic impact even if successful.

However, it is unclear whether Japan will succeed in attracting wealthy foreign nationals as the government expects or not. Some projections have shown that the Japanese would account for 70 – 80 percent of casino visitors.

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