Japanese people and 15 strange things that make the world admire (Part 1)

The country and people of Japan have always been admired by the world, now Japan is not only a tourist attraction but also a destination for export workers, or an attractive destination to study abroad. the student.

If you are wondering whether to go to Japan to export labor, let’s explore 15 strange things about the people of the land of cherry blossoms.

1. Always split the bill

Betsu- betsu (別 々) is a fairly common Japanese term for dividing food bills when traveling with friends or lovers. The Japanese always divide the estimate of what each person will pay, with expensive bills the man or person of higher status will pay a little more.

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However, in business this will not be accepted, absolutely not let customers pay, if letting customers do this also means the company has very few opportunities.

2. Not to pour drinks for themselves

If you only pour your own drink in Japan, you will be considered rude. Because it should be poured for everyone, it is seen as an act of showing concern for others, the sophistication of Japanese people. Especially buying large-volume drinks that can be taken together is also common in Japan at gatherings.

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3. It is forbidden to talk or make noise on trains and buses

In Japan, sitting on a train or bus needs to be as quiet as in a library. So you will not be difficult to see someone reading, listening to music, texting, working, falling asleep … but no one makes noise or disturbs others.

4. Principles in garbage disposal

Japanese people are quite disciplined in preserving the environment. In Japan, there are many rules about properly disposing of trash. From how the garbage is wrapped to the recycling sorting of the pickup is clearly regulated.

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