Japanese people and 15 strange things that make the world admire (Part 3)

11. The Japanese queuing culture

In Japan, they line up not simply coming to themselves, but they always trust and know for sure the next train will arrive and they believe they will be on the train.

12. Japanese honesty

Japan has a lot of shops with no sellers, but never worry about losing the goods because when buying goods, the Japanese will voluntarily return the store or send a check to the cash register.

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The reason is, a lot of Japanese people consider farming as extra, in addition to the main job at the website. Therefore, when harvesting, they will pack the products they want to sell, stick the selling price and the basket next to them. When someone buys them they look at the price and pay the bill. At the end of the day, after finishing the work, they will bring home the money box, this is also a beauty in Japanese culture and people.

13. The culture of bowing in Japan

A proper bow shows respect for the Japanese people. The bow in Japan is called Ojigi with many degrees such as low bow, 45 degree bow, 90 degree bow.

Wherever you are, or meet anyone, Japanese people always bow and smile, this is considered a very Japanese cultural attitude.

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14. High speed train

Subway delays in Japan are unacceptable in Japan. Recently, a train in Tokyo leaving 25 seconds early had to publicly apologize to the people

15. Alert system on all mobile phones

In Japan, a text message alert system is pre-installed in the phone to prevent emergencies, the authorities can use it to notify people in the area within 4 to 20 seconds.

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