Japanese Traditions You Should Know Before Travelling to Japan

Do yourself a favour and get to know all the ins and outs part of the incredibility unique traditions of the Japanese culture before you go. If your daydreaming is focussed on your upcoming trip, then read up on all the tips before you start packing for your upcoming travel.

Obey the No Shoes Inside Rule

In Japan, like in several other places around the world you are required to take your shoes off when you enter someone’s home as well as a few other indoor places. It is not necessary to enter all buildings without shoes, but if you notice a doormat at the door with some shoes neatly placed next to it, you should do the same. Several hotels, private homes and restrooms provide slippers, and you can use those to get around indoors.

Japanese Customs

There are many interesting customs, part of the Japanese culture and one of the ones you’ll easily identify is bowing when you greet someone, even though travellers or foreigners are not expected to get this completely right you might want to impress the country you are visiting. There are a few basic rules that could get you in favour of the bowing traditions, bowing when you greet someone shows respect, this bowing can be a nod of the head or a full bend that takes place right down to the hip.

No Tipping in Japan

Every country you visit basically, have a different rule or idea about tipping, in Japan the rule is easy, and this is one place where you don’t have to work out a percentage of the bill to be added as a tip. Tipping is not customary, not in hotel, cabs or even restaurants. Obviously, you can show your appreciation for outstanding service or leave some change behind, but tipping is not expected and not part of the customs or norm.

Never Slam Taxi Doors

The one thing that will surprise you is that the taxi’s in Japan have automated doors, the close automatically when passengers get out. It takes more getting used to than you might think and therefore it is important to remember and focus on not slamming the door close behind you. If you forget and slam the door behind you to make sure it is closed, you stand the chance to scare the poor driver.

If in Japan Do Wear Kimonos

You want to experience it all so why not wear get into the right gear, wearing a kimono is how traditional it gets. There are quite a few different ones, and they fold over left to right and if you fear yours might be folded the wrong way, just check the pattern as it aligns perfectly when you get it right. But it is always left over right and if you can get eating with chopsticks down to a fine art, leave your shoes at the door and bow as you enter, then you all set to visit Japan.

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