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Everything from a virtual reality concert to prehistoric art is available at the 2018 Japonismes festival that lasts for eight-months now hosted in France. It is the largest celebration of the Japanese culture and the biggest extravaganza ever held outside of Japan, during which the famous sites in Paris become windows to the culture.

London is only days away from its festival celebrating the Japanese culture since the 2018 Japan Matsuri starts on the 30th of September in the centre of the city at Trafalgar Square. It’s a festival of the best Japanese dishes while shops offer kimonos, and family activities include the manga wall, games and Japanese cartoons.

Latest Trends from Japan to Get Excited About

When it comes to the coolest products, we all look to Japan, where there is never a shortage of ideas, creativity or items that we all wish we thought off first. To get this article off on the right foot it might be best to start off with the new Shoe Deodorizer. The Panasonic MS-DS100 comes is really handy when you need to solve your smelly feet nightmares. To completely eliminate and dissolve odours in footwear such as pumps, work shoes and sneakers, hydroxyl radical-generating technology is used, and the new shoe deodoriser is scheduled to launch at the end of September.

The Orphe LED Performance Shoes are already available in Japan’s most trendy shops. These are smart footwear for performers and dancers. It is much more than just a fashion gimmick, and with this sophisticated footwear incorporating 9-axis motion sensors, a Bluetooth module and around one hundred controllable LEDs all connecting to your mobile app, there is no limit to expanding your creative dancing moves.

Japanese Way of Relieving Stress

Should dancing and fresher footwear not take most of your stress away this year then there is still the new Japanese Shouting Vase, proved to be the best vessel for taking care of stress no matter the level. Japanese trend shops call it the stress relief jug or shouting vase that holds your anger. All users need to do is turn their most urgent, loudest frustrations into whispers via the shouting vase. Made from plastic the jug is developed to perfectly fit over the contours of users mouths where it can absorb shouts and screams, store them in the belly of the vase and then emitting a much softer version of your screams or angry cries via the tiny hole in the base.

The stress relief jug has featured on many televised shows in Japan and this terracotta pottery inspired item is popular and could be the item that started other voice “training” or silencing devices such as the noiseless karaoke mute mic or the Utaet voice training silent karaoke mic. Should you need the foot deodoriser, LED performance shoes or the Shouting Vase, you might just get lucky at the upcoming Japanese festivals held in London and France.

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