Featured Links – Friends of East West Kimono Gallery

Please take the time to visit the websites below. These are some of the most invaluable resources online for Japanese culture, textiles and fine art. When you visit, please tell them that we sent you.

Fushu Daiko – Japanese Taiko Drumming.
Fushu Daiko weaves a multi-national group of Taiko performers to keep alive a thousand years of Japanese music.

Yoshika Carlton – is an award winning Koto performer and instructor with an incredible passion for sharing Japanese culture through her music and teachings.

YOKO-Trading – If you love Japanese fabric & textile art, please visit Yoko and Dana Lewis at specializing in bulk vintage kimono, Japanese fabric remnants, and rare antiques.

Osaka Dadada-Dan Tenko –Thunderous percussion of the Japanese drummers, Osaka Dadada-Dan Tenko fuses traditional and contemporary Japanese culture mixed with music, dance and theatre.