Typical cultural features of Japan (Part 1)

Japan has always been known as a country with a long-standing culture, imbued with national identity, harmoniously combining the new and the old to create typical cultural features of Japan.

Japan is a poor country in East Asia, this is a country that suffered the defeat of World War 2 and the destruction of nature. Through its efforts, Japan quickly recovered the country and today has become the leading industrial countries in the world. With such achievements, Japanese culture is also considered as an important factor creating that success, the driving force for the country’s change. Not only efforts in economic recovery, but also Japan must also make efforts in the prevention of natural disasters, tsunamis, volcanoes to create prestige with countries around the world by resilience and solidarity.

1. Strange features in Japanese culture

In Japanese culture, there are things that make many Japanese tourists surprised:

– Take off your shoes, turn toes and sandals out before entering the house, go inside with light slippers.

– Immediately say thank you, sorry when asking for help or bothering

– Eat raw foods like fish.

– The custom of giving gifts for Tet and Mid-Autumn Festival

– Eating ramen or Soba to slurp, according to the Japanese concept, it only shows the chef that the dish is very delicious.

– Japanese-style toilet, when you go to the toilet, you don’t know whether to turn in or out, actually turn in.

– Do not give tips while in Japan

Japanese culture is an example of the intersection between traditional culture and modern culture. It is the culture that created the social development, both physically and mentally, of the people of Japan.

2. Japanese culture has its own cultural identity

Culture in Japan is well combined between modern culture to traditional to create a characteristic of Japanese culture. To be able to explain the national identity of Japanese culture, there are many different streams of opinion. But striking is the idea that because Japan is surrounded by islands, there has never been any war of aggression, so the natural and social conditions have created a cultural unity.

There is another opinion that the harsh natural conditions with many natural disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis have created a will, resilience and solidarity against natural disasters of the Japanese people. Not having to suffer from war, Japanese people have to struggle with nature and harsh climate to ensure the lives that have created the industrious, hard-working and enduring Japanese people.

Also from that is the spirit of a martial artist shown as an ideal, a way of life that has sharpened will, energy and determination. The martial arts discipline has eight basic virtues that a martial artist must practice: German integrity, courage, benevolence, politeness, self-control, loyalty, honor.

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